Reconstruction of mandibular bone using stem cells and biomedical engineering approaches

Recent project activity
Increased emphasis is being placed on translational research discoveries, which will bring the use of stem cells in laboratory studies into the clinical setting. However, only few early stage clinical studies with a limited number of patients have proven safety of this novel regenerative treatment. According to the clinical database ( and Medline, it appears that our research is at the forefront of regenerative medicine as we have successfully performed an early stage pilot clinical study using stem cell therapy in 11 patients for reconstruction of alveolar bone with excellent results at the 24 month examination. These results pave the way for improved and well-designed phase II clinical trial using stem cell therapy for bone regeneration.
The StemRegBone project consists of a number of sub-projects including therapeutic and safety assessment in clinical trial and optimization of MSC expansion in preclinical studies.
Reconstruction of jaw/alveolar bones using stem cells and biomaterials.
Atrophied bone has a limited spontaneous healing capacity. A clinical trial is designed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for making new bone.
Monitoring grafted MSC using a minimally invasive diagnostic concept
The interactions between the transplanted MSCs and host immune cells is under elucidation by liquid biopsy to assess safety and immune efficacy of autologous bone marrow MSC therapy
Optimization and production of clinical grade MSC
For the production of clinical grade, xeno-free culture condition is to be adopted. In this project, the efficacy of using Human Platelet Lysates (HPLs) as an alternative to animal serum (i.e., fatal bovine serum) is tested for MSC expansion for the application of cell transplantation therapy.
Optimization of capacity and cost of ex-vivo expansion using bioreactors to facilitate commercialization of MSC as ATMP
In bone tissue engineering, various bioreactor systems are used to control MSC fate mechanically. In the project, mechanical regulation of MSC dynamics is assessed by applying dynamic culture conditions.
Dissemination in international conferences

June 2022 TERMIS EU-Chapter

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society
Kraków, Polan

  • Kamal Mustafa -Symposium Chair
    New insights underlying mesenchymal stem cell-mediated bone regeneration
  • Cecilie Gjerde – Invited Speaker
    Stem Cells in Bone Regeneration A randomized Clinical Trial
  • Shuntaro Yamada – Oral Presentation
    Fluid-flow mediated cytoskeletal adaptation regulates the growth and fate of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
  • Jannika Korkeamäki – Oral Presentation
    Development of angiogenic bioink for vascularized bone tissue engineering

June 2022 Translational Oral Research Workshop
Center of Translational Oral Research, UiB
Bergen, Norway

  • Cecilie Gjerde – Oral Presentation
    Cell therapy in clinical studies
  • Siddharth Shanbhag – Oral Presentation
    Clinical-grade cell and cell-free therapies for bone regeneration
  • Shuntaro Yamada – Oral Presentation
    Dynamic Cell Culture Platform: Strategic Application for Tissue Engineering
  • Jannina Korkeamäki – Oral Presentation
    3D-Printing and Biofabrication: A Step Forward

June 2022 Europerio 10

European Federation of Periodontology
Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Cecilie Gjerde – Invited Speaker
    The use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and synthetic biomaterials in oral bone regeneration
  • Siddharth Shanbhag – Oral Presentation
    Cell-secretome functionalized collagen membranes promote in vivo guided bone regeneration

August 2022 TOR Opening Seminar

Center of Translational Oral Research, UiB
Bergen, Norway

  • Shuntaro Yamada – Oral Presentation
    Mechanical regulation of stem cell fate for tissue engineering using a novel bioreactor

September 2022 PER-IADR Oral Health Research Congress

Pan European Division of International Association for Dental Research
Marseille, France

  • Kamal Mustafa – Symposium Chair
    Symposium Stem Cells in Bone Regeneration – Future is Now
  • Shuntaro Yamada – Oral Presentation
    Osteogenic Profile of Mechanically Stimulated Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    NOF Hatton Award

October 2022 Norsk Tannlegeforening Landsmøte
Oslo, Norway

  • Siddharth Shanbhag – Oral Presentation
    Nye strategier for beinregenerasjon: Vekstfaktorer fra stamceller
  • Shuntaro Yamada, Poster presentation, Long-term low-magnitude fluid shear stress directs bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells toward osteogenic lineage
    TERMIS 6th World Congress, Netherland
  • 2020,Invited speaker,Kamal Mustafa,2020 Award for Best Research Group at Faculty of Medicine,UiB
  • 2020,Invited speakers,Kamal Mustafa and Cecilie Gjerde,Olav Thon Nordic Award
  • 2020,Invited speaker,Cecilie Gjerde,Quo Vadis Periodontics Symposium(1 000 participants).
  • 2020,Invited speaker,Kamal Mustafa,University of Khartoum,Sudan
  • 2020,Invited speaker,Cecilie Gjerde,Forsker Grand Prix meeting,Bergen
  • 2020,Invited speaker,Kamal Mustafa,IKO and IGS meeting at UiB
  • 2019,Invited speaker,University of Helsinki,Finland
  • 2019,Speaker,Cecilie Gjerde,International Faculty Form in Mainz,Germany
  • 2019,Speaker,Cecilie Gjerde,ITI Section meeting in Bergen.
  • 2019,Speaker,Cecilie Gjerde,IADR,Vancouver,Canada.
  • 2019,Speaker,Cecilie Gjerde,Research meeting,University of Tromsø.
  • 2019,Keynote Speaker for Plenary Session and Opening Ceremony,Kamal Mustafa,Plenary session,European Association for Osseointegration(EAO)Meeting,Lisbon,Portugal.Title:Are stem cells the implants of the future.
  • 2019,Invited Speaker,Kamal Mustafa,NYSCO Annual Meeting,Oslo,Norway.Title:From bench to chairside:Stem cells in bone augmentation.
  • 2019,Invited Speaker,Kamal Mustafa,BioVaria Meeting,Munich,Germany.Bone from the 3D printer.
  • 2019,Invited Speaker,Kamal Mustafa,AMCHA 2019 Meeting,Sri Lanka.Title:Stem cells in bone regeneration,a systematic approach and pilot study in humans.
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  • 2019,Cecilie Gjerde et al.Stem cells in bone regeneration,a clinical trial with 3 years follow-up,Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine(TERMIS),Brisbane,Australia,oral presentation,2019.
  • 2019,Jannika Paulamäki.Development of Nanostructured Alginate-Gelatin-Based Inks for 3D Bioprinting of Bone Cells.Biofabrication Conference,Columbus OH,USA,Oral Presentation.
  • 2019,Cecilie Gjerde,invited speaker.Bergen Stem Cell Consortium meeting,Bergen Norway.Title:stamcelleforskningen.
  • 2019,Shuntaro Yamada.Plasma activation of polymeric biomaterial enhanced initial adhesion and seeding efficiency of mesenchymal stromal cells.Bergen Stem Cell Consortium meeting,Bergen Norway.Oral Presentation(prize for best presentation).
  • 2019,Cecilie Gjerde,Invited Speaker;Orthopedic department,Int conf Merch,Norway,Cell therapy induced regeneration in severely atrophied mandibular bone.
  • 2019,Cecilie Gjerde,Bergen Dental Health Center,Autumn meeting,Bergen,Norway.Invited Speaker,Beinoppbygging med egne stamceller Bergensmodellen.
  • 2019,Cecilie Gjerde,oral presentation,stem cells for bone regeneration,the future is now!IADR,Vancouver,Canada.
  • 2019,June.Stem cell research for x-ray,HUS,Norway.Invited Speaker:Cecilie Gjerde.Title:Beinoppbygging med egne stamceller Bergensmodellen
  • 2019,Jannika Paulamäki,Characterization of the Printability of Alginate-Gelatin Bioink Blended with Nanocellulose,Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials,Conference,Helsinki,Oral presentation,Award.

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