A summary of our work

Below you will find all the work we have published in international journals since 2015.

Siddharth Shanbhag et al. Corrigendum: Ectopic Bone Tissue Engineering in Mice Using Human Gingiva or Bone Marrow-Derived Stromal/Progenitor Cells in Scaffold-Hydrogel Constructs.  Front Bioeng Biothechnol (2022)

Neha Rana et al. Systemic and local innate immune responses to surgical co-transplantation of mesenchymal stromal cells and biphasic calcium phosphate for bone regeneration. Acta Biomaterialia (2022)

Shuntaro Yamada et al. Scaffolds in Periodontal Regenerative Treatment. Dental Clinics (2022)

Neha Rana et al. Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Primed Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Loaded on Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Biomaterial Exhibit Enhanced Macrophage Polarization. Cells (2022)

Kenji Hara et al. Efficacy of treating segmental bone defects through endochondral ossification: 3D printed designs and bone metabolic activities. Mater Today Bio (2022)

Shuntaro Yamada et al. Optimisation and validation of a custom-designed perfusion bioreactor for bone tissue engineering: Flow assessment and optimal culture environmental conditions. Front Bioeng Biotechnol (2022)

Salwa Suliman et al. Immune-instructive copolymer scaffolds using plant-derived nanoparticles to promote bone regeneration. Inflammation and Regeneration (2022)

Xiaofeng Jiang et al. The effect of resolvin D1 on bone regeneration in a rat calvarial defect model. J Tissue Eng Regen Med (2022)

Jiazheng Cai et al. Impact of Resolvin D1 on the inflammatory phenotype of periodontal ligament cell response to hypoxia. J Periodontal Res (2022)

Mohamad Nageeb Hassan et al. Contact Osteogenesis by Biodegradable 3D-printed Poly(lactide-co-trimethylene carbonate). Biomaterials Research (2022)

Siddharth Shanbhag et al. Effects of conditioned media from human platelet lysate cultured MSC on osteogenic cell differentiation in vitro. Front Bioeng Biothechnol (2022)