A summary of our work

Below you will find all the work we have published in international journals since 2015.

Shuntaro Yamada et alSurface activation with oxygen plasma promotes osteogenesis with enhanced extracellular matrix formation in three-dimensional microporous scaffoldsJournal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 109 (9): 1560-1574 (2021)

Shubham Jain et alUnderstanding of how the properties of medical grade lactide based copolymer scaffolds influence adipose tissue regeneration:Sterilization and a systematic in vitro assessment.Materials Science and Engineering C 124: 112020 (2021)

Saeid Vakilian et alA competitive nature-derived multilayered scaffold based on chitosan and alginate,for full-thickness wound healingCarbohydrate Polymers 262: 117921 (2021)

Samih Mohamed-Ahmed et al. Comparison of bone regenerative capacity of donor-matched human adipose–derived and bone marrow mesenchymal stem cellsCell and Tissue Research 383: 1061–1075 (2021)

Espen Helgeland et al. Dual-crosslinked 3D printed gelatin scaffolds with potential for temporomandibular joint cartilage regenerationBiomedical Materials 16: 035026 (2021)

Shuntaro Yamada et alInduction of osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells on 3D polyester-based scaffolds solely by subphysiological fluidic stimulation in a laminar flow bioreactorJournal of Tissue Engineering (2021)

Siddharth Shanbhag et alSpheroid coculture of human gingiva-derived progenitor cells with endothelial cells in modified platelet lysate hydrogelsFrontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology (2021)

Shuntaro Yamadaet alScaffolds in Periodontal Regenerative TreatmentDental Clinics of North America (2021)

Espen Helgeland et al. 3D printed gelatin scaffolds for temporomandibular joint cartilage regenerationBiomedical Physics&Engineering Express (2021)

Zhe Xing Z et alEndochondral ossification induced by cell transplantation of endothelial cells and bone marrow stromal cells with copolymer scaffold using a rat calvarial defect modelPolymers 13(9): 1521 (2021).