Salwa Suliman received the Meltzer Prize for young researchers

Salwa is establishing a research node for “immune-driven tissue regeneration”, which will consolidate stem cell research activities at the Tissue Engineering research group at UiB. She has contributed to several major EU projects led by Tissue engineering group.

In addition, she has received several prestigious scholarships and awards, such as the Trond Mohn Foundation’s Starting Grant and the scholarship Young for – Receiving the Meltzer “Prize for young researchers is a great honor, and it means that I have a responsibility to live up to in relation to other young people scientists. It motivates me and makes me feel valued. It shows that hard work pays off”, says Suliman.

Her advice to other young researchers is to follow the challenges. “Coming to Norway from Sudan to take my doctorate was a challenge for me, and being away from family in another culture. In addition, I had no previous experience with research since I have a clinical background. In my work, I am also motivated by challenges, and I like to explore what is out of the ordinary. It may have made me stand out.” she says.

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Congratulations Salwa!

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