PhD Defense by Siddhath Shanbhag

On Friday 18 Desember, Siddhath Shanbhag defended his PhD thesis at the University of Bergen with the dissertation of “Xeno-free 3D culture of mesenchymal stromal cells for bone tissue engineering”. The dissertation was conducted digitally, and the opponents were physically located Danmark og Finland, respectively. The audience logged in via the link and followed the disputation via their own screen.

Main supervisor: Professor Kamal Mustafa
Co-supervisors: Professor Anne Isine Bolstad og Postdoktor Salwa Suliman
1st opponent: Professor Klaus Gotfredsen, University of Copenhagen, Danmark
2nd opponent: Senior forsker Bettina Mannerström, University of Helsinki, Finland
3rd member of the committee: Professor Asgeir Bårdsen, Universitetet i Bergen

Congratulations to Sid!

Bilde av Espen Helgeland. Foto/ill.: Jørgen Barth

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