Tissue engineering Group got the Price of Research Group Price 2019

Kamal Mustafa «Tissue Engineering Research Group» has been awarded the prize for this year’s research group 2019 – Department of Clinical Dentistry.

The research group “Tissue Engineering Research Group”, led by Kamal Mustafa at the Department of Clinical Dentistry, has been awarded the prize for this year’s research and innovation environment 2019. The group excels in the field of regenerative medicine, and maintains the entire value chain from basic research to clinical research against new forms of treatment. In 2019, the group has obtained an impressive number of external projects from large sources of funding with high competition, and can also point to very active publishing. The group works closely with international partners, and the management of the group also facilitates that younger researchers who are connected to the environment are integrated and allowed to develop into independent researchers.

Kamal Mustafa is Holding the new diploma. Photo: Ying Xue

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