Research meeting at Karolinska Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden

The TE group led by Prof. Kamal Mustafa travelled to Sweden for a research meeting at the Karolinska Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

From the group, the following members joined:

  • Prof. Kamal Mustafa (Group leader, P.I.)
  • Salwa Suliman (P.I.)
  • Samih Salah Eldin Mahgoub Mohamed-Ahmed (PostDoc)
  • Shuntaro Yamada (Ph.D candidate)
  • Francesco Torelli (Ph.D candidate)
  • Masoumeh Jahani Kadousaraei (Ph.D candidate)

After a casual introduction of the groups to each other, presentation on ongoing projects as well as project proposal, which initiated productive discussion for future research collaboration.

The TE group highly values research collaboration to strengthen the research impact.

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