MRCRM 1st International Meeting on Regenerative Medicine

The first MRCRM international meeting on regenerative medicine took place on 24th April 2023 in Bergen.

Over the last five to ten years stem cell research and regenerative medicine have advanced a lot, as Bergen is set to open an ex vivo facility in Haukeland University Hospital soon. The purpose of our conference has been to connect scientists and students who are engaged in basic research, animal studies or clinical trials.

In addition to invited speakers, both Norwegian and international, a seminar of lightning talks where doctoral students displayed their work has been part of the scientific programme. A conference dinner, a good lunch and a chance to explore in Bergen with other scientists have been part of our social programme.

Invited speakers as follows:

Adrian Harwood (UK), Agate Noer (NO), Ana Angelova Volponi (UK), Emma Haapeniemi (NO), Jan Hansmann (DE), Johanna Olweus (NO), Karl-Johan Malmberg (SE), Pia Johansson (SE), Srdjan Djurovic (NO), Susanna Miettinen (FI)


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