Midway Evaluation Kicked Off (Vol-I)

During the midway evaluation of our PhD program, Eylem Baysal who is a PhD student in the TMS funded project (STEMreg) exhibited a commendable demonstration of her research titled as “Dissecting the crosstalk between regulatory T cell and bone marrow derived-mesenchymal stromal cells in bone regeneration progress and capabilities.”

The presentation showcased the candidate’s in-depth understanding of her research topic, highlighting the rigorous methodology she employed. Her ability to articulate complex concepts and engage with the audience was highly commendable, reflecting both her scholarly proficiency and communication skills.

Furthermore, the candidate adeptly addressed questions and engaged in insightful discussions with the evaluation committee, demonstrating a keen grasp of the broader implications of her research. Her responses reflected a thorough knowledge of the existing literature and an ability to position her work within the larger academic context.

The presentation also underscored the candidate’s originality and the significance of her findings, indicating promising potential for making a meaningful contribution to her field of study. Her ability to present her work with clarity and coherence speaks to her dedication to advancing knowledge in her area of expertise.

Overall, the presentation during the midway evaluation was a testament to the candidate’s exceptional progress and dedication to her research endeavors. We have every confidence that she will continue to excel in her doctoral studies and make significant contributions to her field in the remaining phase of her program.

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