Kudos to Neha Rana receiving her Doctor of Philosophy degree

On Friday February 24, Neha Rana has defended her doctoral work at the University of Bergen with the thesis “Immunomodulatory effects of mesenchymal stromal cells and calcium phosphate scaffolds in bone regeneration – Preclinical and clinical studies”



Neha Rana

The candidate has done her work at the Department of Clinical Dentistry and CCBIO

Main supervisor: Professor Kamal Mustafa
Co-supervisors: Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Senior Researcher Sonia Gavasso and Researcher Salwa Suliman

Topic: “Bone regeneration based on mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) and scaffolds in a clinical setting. Advantages and limitations”

Aims: The aim of this thesis was to study comprehensive immune modulation occurring in association with surgical transplantation of MSC for maxillofacial bone regeneration. In Paper I, systemic and local innate immune responses were studied in vivo, followed by an in vitro model focusing on extracellular vesicles as paracrine factors of macrophage immunomodulation by MSC+BCP constructs (Paper II). Finally, in Paper III, high-dimensional mass cytometry (CyTOF) was optimized and applied for single cell immune profiling in patients treated with MSC+BCP therapy, in order to understand the range of immunomodulatory influence of this treatment in clinical settings

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