Online course hosted by Ph.D cand Shuntaro Yamada

On 7th and 8th March, a Ph.D candidate, Shuntaro Yamada, and a german biotech company, ibidi, together hosted an online course “Successful Immunofluorescence-Image acquisition and quantification“.

The course was so topical that registration closed only three hours after the public announcement, and approximately 160 people participated in the course.

Shuntaro served as an invited speaker, giving a talk about immunofluorescence covering the topic from sample preparation to image acquisition to image analysis.

He is an expert in immunostaining and advanced microscopy, having rich experience with whole embryo, postnatal and adult tissues, and cells for various applications.

He has worked closely with ibidi in the past years, publishing a blog post, user protocol, and webinar series. You can find out the useful protocols and tips he shared in the following contents.

Blog post: 5 Crucial Steps for Obtaining a Great Immunofluorescent Cell Image

User Protocol: Immunofluorescent Staining of Adherent Cells in the ibidi μ-Slide 8 Well

Webinar 1: How to Setup a Successful Immunofluorescence Experiment

Webinar 2: Successful Immunofluorescence Image Acquisition and Quantification

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