Immune-Driven Tissue Regeneratio

The project is funded by Trond Mohn Foundation under the scheme TMS Starting grant from 2021-2025
Despite bone’s potential to restore a functional tissue without scar formation,there are several occasions where it fails to regenerate due to extensive bone loss or compromised healing.Bone tissue engineering introduced thein vitroexpansion of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells(BMSC)combined with biomaterials,bioactive molecules,and different priming strategies to reconstruct clinically challenging bone defects.Transplanted BMSC encounter a myriad of synchronised interactions with the recipient’s immune system and these cellular interactions that affect the efficacy of the stem cell-therapy are largely unexplored. Given the complexity of immune profiles in different individuals and various immune-related diseases,the outcome of this interaction is likely to be significantly influenced by thein vivomicroenvironments.

STEMreg consists of a series of activities built around the following research themes:

• Unravel the molecular interplay between implanted mesenchymal stem cells and the recipient’s immune system and how this impacts the microenvironment and hence the therapy outcome.
• Steer stem-cell based bone regeneration in models under different immune compromised healing conditions.
• Develop novel immune-instructive biomaterials to improve bone regenerative therapies.



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